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(from section 1.18 of Settlement Agreement)

Damage, Damages and Damaged as it relates to Hardboard Siding means any of the following:
a. thickness swell in excess of 15% of the Defendants' maximum standard tolerance, that is, a total measure of 0.604" for Siding with a nominal thickness of one-half (1/2) inch and a total measure of 0.518" for Siding with a nominal thickness of 7/16 inch;
b. edge checking, where a feeler gauge of 0.025" thickness and one-half inch width can be inserted one-half inch into a suspected delaminated edge with moderate hand pressure;
c. fungal or other moisture induced degradation which results in soft board in which moderate thumb pressure deforms, indents or punches a hole in the board;
d. buckling, warping or bowing of Siding in excess of ΒΌ" between studs spaced not more than 16" inches on center and 5/8" between studs spaced more than 16" and not more than 24" on center. Waviness or apparent warping, buckling or bowing of Siding is not considered to constitute Damage if such is due to the Siding conforming to the curvature of misaligned framing;
e. wax bleed, raised or popped fibers or fiber bundles, where the condition exists on more than 20% of the exposed board surface and, in the case of wax bleed, where the Siding in question was painted within two years of the date of the claim. "Wax Bleed" does not include paint discoloration;
f. delaminated or cracked primer or primer peel, or peeling, blistering, flaking, chipping, cracking of other loss of adhesion of the original factory finish;
g. separation of the Fusion FinishTM overlay from the substrate.

Damage does not include (i) intentional, reckless or negligent physical damage to Siding (unrelated to installation or maintenance or weather) caused directly or indirectly by a Claimant or other Person; or (ii) conditions requiring routine painting, washing, caulking or similar maintenance; or (iii) damage to Siding to the extent resulting from natural disaster including but not limited to, fire, hurricane, flood, earthquake, earth movement, or other similar force majeure events.